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Deneb (Launched 2000)

  • Username: deneb
  • Click to reveal password: neveruse
  • Points: 15
EvanBot's message is alarming. Could the Caltopian Jupiter exploration project
have some secondary evil purpose? Following Bot's advice, you decide to hack
into the Deneb satellite to investigate further.

The fear of the Y2K bug at the turn of the century drove Gobian engineers to
conduct a sweeping evaluation of its systems and correct any deficiencies.
Deneb, the first Gobian satellite launched in the 21st century, features a more
secure version of the original Spica file viewing utility.

Consider what security vulnerabilities occur during error checking. Which security principles are involved in correctly implementing error checking?

The exploit for this question uses an interact file, and example code also provides an example of how to overwrite files. You may find this useful while looking at the behavior of the vulnerable program!


  • You might find it helpful to use two terminals to debug this question. We recommend learning how to use tmux. Alternatively, you can open multiple terminals on your computer and connect using two separate SSH connections.