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Submission and Grading

Your submission for this project involves a checkpoint autograder submission (for Q1-4), a final autograder submission (for all questions), and a final write-up. If you worked with a partner, remember to add your partner to all of your Gradescope submissions!


Task Due Points
Checkpoint Submission (Q1-4) Friday, September 16 10
Final Code Submission (all questions) Friday, September 30 90
Final Writeup Friday, September 30 30

All assignments are due at 11:59 PM. This project is worth a total of 130 points.

Autograder Submission

Submitting from Option 1: Local Setup

While the virtual machine is running, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:16161/. This is a URL that will connect to your virtual machine and download a ZIP file containing your submission, which you will be able to submit to the autograder on Gradescope.

Submitting from Option 2: Hive Setup

Run the following command on the Hive machine where the virtual machine is running:

hiveY$ ~cs161/proj1-fa22/make-submission

This will create a file in the folder that you ran the command in. To copy this file to your local computer, you can use scp. For example, if your file is located at ~/, run the following command:

$ scp

This will copy the file to your local computer, in the folder where you ran the command. You can now submit to the autograder on Gradescope.

You should run this command once for the Project 1 Checkpoint Submission and once for the Project 1 Final Code Submission.

Write-up Submission

Submit your team’s writeup to the assignment “Project 1 Writeup”.

If you wish, you may submit feedback at the end of your writeup, with any feedback you may have about this project. What was the hardest part of this project in terms of understanding? In terms of effort? (We also, as always, welcome feedback about other aspects of the class.) Your comments will not in any way affect your grade.